One of the newest products on the market is Densicor®. This product looks and feels like wood but is recyclable, waterproof, fire retardant, and doesn’t kill beautiful trees as wood does. This eco-friendly material is currently being used in the bath as a vanity base. Pricing is comparable to wood bases. 

Looks Like WoodFire RetardantLow V.O.C.’s
SustainableHigh “R” FactorSaves Beautiful Trees!

Not only is the hospitality industry taking notice to the value of sustainable products, but other industries like multifamily and assisted living are all adapting to this change as well.

A combination of design and sustainability

EcoSeal Quartz® Vanity Tops

Domestically fabricated quartz surface product that does not require sealing with solvents as does granite, stone, etc. Fabricated in the USA, our EcoSeal Quartz® meets or exceeds most design specifications. A combination of design, functionality, and sustainability make this an ideal product for most kitchen and bath new construction and renovation projects.

A durable and eco-friendly material

EGlass Countertops & Vanity Tops

A mixture of ground recycled glass and/or quartz to blend into a durable and eco-friendly material available in many colors. EGlass is beautiful and affordable and  superior in many ways to solid surface, granite, and other competitive materials. EGlass is quickly becoming the #1 choice for sustainable countertops. Combining our Densicor® vanity base with our EGlass tops reflects the latest design trends while also satisfying the sustainability component desired in today’s Eco environment.